For the past days I’ve been working in a prototype about information overload. The idea is to show in a physical way the amount of information available on-line and compare it to the amount of information that a person is capable of “seeing” in the same amount of time.

I started by trying to make every different mechanism work by themselves, and hopefully i will be able to join them together. Once is working I will pay more attention to the look and feel..

1.   Roll of paper – the idea is that the paper is unrolling with the pass of time.


2.   The mechanic pen – the pen will be drawing on the passing paper – representing the amount of information available in the internet.


3.   This is how the drawing looks for now. Hopefully it will be steady. In this case my hand was passing the paper, not at a steady rhythms and the motor was not attached, so it was kind of “dancing”.



Here is a video of how it’s working till now:


The two following sketches were done using OF and are a representation of different aspects of Information in the Internet.

With the Internet, everybody can create information; binary information generated by a bit – in this case a drawing by pixels. The on-line information is ephemeral, nobody knows for how long will exist, it dissolves, but is also permanent, we are leaving traces behind, we are keeping copies in our computers, in the sent folder of our e-mails, in computers that are tracking our movements. As here, we are keeping images that are saved without our knowledge, in an automatic way.

In this sketch, every particle represents on-line information to which we have access, infinite and different information. But because of time restrains and personalized algorithms used by search engines we can only see and grasp very few of it. The rest of the information is kept far away but near. We think we can access everything but the truth is we only have accese to a few, and that few starts becoming similar.