AMAZON.COM: Take Back Your Garbage

With the appearance of online shopping the way we, as consumers, experience shopping has completely changed. The physical connection with the product – touching it, smelling it and seeing what it looks like in reality – is lost when buying online. But all of these, that could be considered a drawback for online shopping, have become less important with the free-shipping options and easier return policies that on-line shopping is implementing today: if your new product doesn’t feel, smell or look as you thought it would, most companies allow you to return it for free and get a full refund. Going shopping has shifted from being an “outside of the house” activity, constrained to businesses hours, into an “inside of the house” activity that can be done at any time: we can now buy any time we want to, during the day or the night. With all of these changes buying on-line has become increasingly popular and every year since 2008, online shopping has increased systematically in America.

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