The Magic Stick – a game

The Magic Stick is my first game. I made it using serial communication between Arduino and Processing. The audiences for this game are people that have a small amount of free time to spare.

The magic Stick is a game played against time.
The game consists in avoiding the rectangles that are falling from the top of the screen.
The player controls the pink rectangle at the bottom of the screen by using a potentiometer connected to the Arduino. The rectangle can move only to the left or right sides of the screen.
Every time the rectangle is “hit” by a falling rectangle, it increases its height.
The game ends when the user reaches the height of the screen – the maximum height – and the player wins the longer he/she plays.

On the right corner of the screen there is a timer that shows the time that has passed since the game started. Every 15 seconds the falling rectangles will change of color, to allow the user know how much time has passed.

A variation on the game:

The Magic Stick can also be played collecting the falling rectangles. The faster the player reaches the maximum height the better.