Exquisite Corpse | Recycle MTA

“Among Surrealist techniques exploiting the mystique of accident was a kind of collective collage of words or images called the cadavre exquis. Based on an old parlor game, it was played by several people, each of whom would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold the paper to conceal part of it, and pass it on to the next player for his contribution.” http://www.exquisitecorpse.com/

Recycle MTA is a group project that started with our concern about the amount of garbage that is generated from the un-recycled MTA cards. By using the Metro cards we created a sculpture which we hung around several station entryways. By taking the cards from the floor and bringing them back into sight, our goal was to make the subway riders conscious of the amount of litter created solely from Metro cards. As an action of protest against MTA (because at that time they didn’t have recycled month cards) we sent them a box with the MTA cards and photographs of the art project..

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